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ASP Handcuffs Rigid Steel (Tactical)


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ASP Rigid Handcuffs with Tactical Security and European Pawl may be used to control the most resistive subject.
Gehärteter Edelstahl mit Mantel aus Polymerkunstoff.
ASP Rigid Handcuffs may be used to control the most resistive subject. Their extension lock design provides a secure structure that allows an officer to stabilize without impact. The folding mechanism permits the restraint to be easily carried, then automatically lock open to form a solid restraint.
ASP Rigid Handcuffs feature a locking bridge in the center of an ergonomic palm swell. Orientation disks confirm proper positioning. Raised for right handed officers, lowered for left. The recessed finger track and contoured hand guard maintain a clear path to the bow guides. As well as ASP Tactical Handcuffs, the Rigid design incorporates a one piece unitized stainless stell frame, polymer overmold, dual keyway, high visibility double lock indicator, high contact conical bow, radiused edges, increased range of adjustment for both large and small wrists, smooth bow action and single direction  unlock. Flex Frame Technology reduces injury potential from lateral stress.
*Note that 2 Pawl High Security cuffs require a special key and will not open with a standard handcuff key.
Replaceable Lock Set
Overmolded Stainless Steel
Size: ca. 23 x 8 cm.
Weight: ca. 355 g.
Made in USA.