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ASP Talon Baton according German Police 50 cm


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The ASP Talon Baton is a baton developed for the German police and fully complies with and is certified according to the technical requirements of the Technical Guidelines of the Police Engineering Institute of the Police Command Academy.
Schaftelemente: 4140 Stahl; Griffüberzug: Vinyl Schaum.
The ASP Talon Baton is a task force developed for the German police and is integrated into the practice of the Technical Guideline (TR) "Einsatzstock, kurz und lange" of the police technical institute (PTL) of the Police Command Academy (PFA) (Prüfbericht Nummer 2014.0295 of 18.03 .2014).
The Talon Baton is easy to use, exceptionally sturdy, easy to carry, quickly presented and has a high pressure in the end cap. That means a safe handling of stress and with gloves. The vinyl foam insert in the handle ensures a good grip. All shaft elements are made of 4140 steel and also guarantee the elasticity as stability. Gegencontrolling Products is the Talon Baton by ASP for maintenance and care completely dismantled and as needed. The Talon Baton fits into all popular ASP carrying devices and into the holsters and pocket cases of known accessory manufacturers, e.g. ESP.
Length opened: 50 cm.
Length closed: 20.5 cm.
Weight: approx. 519 g.