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Combat Medic Organizer Rite in the Rain


Combat Medic Organizer Rite in the Rain

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Short description
Combat Medic Organizer with 35 wound cards and 4 cover sheets made of PolyDura with Medic schemes and information.
Cover: polyethylene (PolyDura); sheets: paper, acrylic coated.
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Combat Medic Organizer consists of 4 cover sheets made of robust Polydura and 35 tear-off sheets.
The 4 cover sheets of PolyDura are printed with the following schemes and information:
MARCH (Massive Bleeding, Airway, Respiratory, Circulation, Head).
9-Line Medevac Request according to NATO STANAG 2087.
MIST (Mechanism of Injury, Injury or Illness sustained, Symptoms and Vital Signs, Treatment given).
Rapid Triage.
Triage Scheme
Terms in English/German.
The wound map is printed on both sides of the 35 tear-off sheets. The acrylic-coated sheets can be written on even when wet.
Number of pages: 70.
Number of sheets: 35.
Binding: Spiral binding on top.
Dimensions: 127 x 76 mm.
Weight: 52 g.
Made in USA.