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Phantomleaf Python Assaulter Cape G2


Phantomleaf Python Assaulter Cape G2

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Short description
The PHANTOMLEAF® PYTHON ASSAULTER Cape G2 is a multifunctional camouflage cape for approach or observation.
100% polyester (inherently FR PES)
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This article was created at the special request of special forces, on the one hand to carry out a covert approach, and then observe camouflaged. At the same time, access to the equipment should be possible quickly, quietly and unhindered. An anatomically cut hood is attached to the cape, which can be fixed to the head by means of elastic drawstrings, so that it follows all movements and does not restrict the view. A face veil attached to the hood can be attached to optronic equipment by means of an elastic band, without hindering its operation or being blown off by the wind. The extra light weight of the face veil allows observation through it and reduces the shadow between the observer and the optronics. The back part is detachable and can be used separately as a small camouflage net, thus the top part can be used as a light camouflage jacket. The back piece can also be buttoned to the front of the cape, allowing you to be completely camouflaged when observing to the front. The fixable hand gauntlets are directly integrated and identical in construction to the PYTHON Gauntlets G1, these can be used with or without gloves. All outer edges, including the hood, have an extra contour-breaking wave edge, which minimizes telltale drop shadows.
The next generation G2 is distinguished by the fact that it is equipped with a specially developed slit band. This slit tape is designed to provide, on the one hand, very tear-resistant pick-up points for the 3D elements (PHANTOMLEAF® PYTHON LEAVES imitation leaves #430180) at the correct distance and angle to the base article - but, on the other hand, to minimize entanglement in vegetation.
  • Slash tape for attaching camouflage material.
  • Multi-adjustable hood.
  • Closure on the chest with two large slotted buttons.
  • Sleeves with fixable hand cuffs.
  • Contour-breaking scalloped edge to minimize drop shadows.
  • Buttonable camouflage net (110x110cm) for camouflaging the back or chest area
  • One size fits all.
Weight: approx. 650 g.
PHANTOMLEAF® has developed a new type of net material especially for the needs of special forces: The PYTHON product line. Target points were:
  • Complete camouflage in the visual range and near infrared range of the electromagnetic spectrum.
  • Reduced gloss and low noise.
  • Inherently flame retardant.
  • Highly tear resistant and tightly woven: less entanglement in thorns and barrier to vectors (disease transmitting organisms).
  • Extra light and small pack size.
  • Low water absorption and quick drying.
Up to now, PHANTOMLEAF® products have been supplied exclusively to special military and police units in Germany and abroad. There, their effectiveness has been proven in action. Due to the great demand, PHANTOMLEAF® has decided to also offer camouflage patterns for free sale
The result is the camouflage pattern WASP II, which combines an exclusive look with penetrating camouflage quality
  • Unique silhouette breaking.
  • In combination with complex structural algorithms
  • Targeted manipulation of human perception based on medical expertise.
As a result, the object to be camouflaged is much more difficult to detect from close to distant distances, and this against a variety of backgrounds such as grass, dry branches, leaves in different colors and brightnesses of an operational area (see camouflage pattern zones below). This greatly expands the user's scope of action.
PHANTOMLEAF® has developed a consistently modular system of camouflage schemes that are coordinated with each other and with worldwide use:
  • WASP II in colour variant Z2 (low growth) for regions with low growing vegetation, such as grassland and scrubland and in places rock and scree.
  • WASP II in colour variant Z3A (high growth without snow cover) for use in areas with high vegetation, such as deciduous and coniferous forest but also tropical jungle with a high adaptability for border areas, such as bush and agricultural land or grass zones.
  • WASP II in colour variant Z3b (high vegetation with snow cover) for application in regions with vegetation and rock and an interrupted snow cover.
  • WASP II in colour variant Z4 (construction) for use in human-altered environments ranging from urban terrain to large vehicles such as ships, planes and trains to special scenarios such as oil rigs.
100% made in Germany.