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Savotta HAWU WS-400 tent stove


Savotta HAWU WS-400 tent stove

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Short description
The Savotta HAWU WS-400 tent stove is efficient, lightweight, durable, long-lasting, stylish and modern. - Quality made in Finland!
refractory stainless steel
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The HAWU WS-400 tent stove is optimally designed for the Savotta HAWU tent. It is compact to transport thanks to the retractable legs and the innovative rolling chimney (sold separately). It is made entirely of stainless steel and has a cooking surface for two pots.
Shape and size:
The oval shape of the HAWU tent stove makes it easy to use, economical and energy efficient. As a result, the stove has a large heat dissipation area compared to its weight, less than a third of a conventional tent stove. The oval shape also makes the design sturdy. the stove can withstand heat expansion without warping or denting, even when blazing hot. The top and bottom of the stove are flattened,  to ensure adequate clearance under the stove and to heat food or coffee on the stove. Unusually, the chimney outlet (diameter 7.5 cm, nozzle height 4 cm) is in the middle of the stove, so there is room for two efficient heating plates on either side of the chimney.
Combustion technology:
The efficiency of the stove is based on a highly refined combustion process. Primary air enters from the stove directly under the fire grate. This allows for rapid ignition and steady combustion. Preheated secondary air is introduced to the top of the stove through a flame plate in the door. Thus, the secondary air increases the combustion gas temperature and produces optimum combustion at higher temperatures. The position of the gas combustion under the heating plates accelerates and improves the performance. Thus, the fire starts quickly and the fire can be controlled in a targeted manner. The combustion chamber is also long enough to accommodate logs up to 35 cm. Compared to other tent stoves, you don't have to do as much sawing and chopping.
Transport and operation:
Thanks to its foldable legs, the stove requires a small storage space and is compact to transport. The legs fold out for use and ensure that the hot stove is a sufficient distance from the ground. The laser cut leg profile is strong yet lightweight. The lower section is cut so that the tent stove can be placed on e.g. wood, if it is to be used on snow in winter
The stove has a specially cut fire grate inside that can be removed and shaken clean
Dimensions when folded: 39 x 32 x22 cm (L/H/W).
Dimensions opened: 43 x 37 x 22 cm (L/H/W).
Dimensions combustion chamber: 36.5 x 25 x 22 cm (L/H/W).
Weight: 5.4 kg.
Made in Finland.
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Savotta is an official supplier of the Finnish Armed Forces and certified according to ISO-9001-2000 and NATO AQAP 2210.