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Surefire CommEar Booster EP2 Left/Large
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Surefire CommEar Booster EP2 Left/Large

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Surefire CommEar Booster EP2 Left/Large
Radio Communications Earpiece      SureFire has acquired EarPro Communications, an audiology products developer. EarPro has shifted its headquarters to SureFire's facility and will tap into SureFire's engineering, manufacturing and logistical expertise. EarPro products include comfortable electronic and non-electronic communications earpieces that perform different functions, including hearing protection and hearing enhancement for military, law enforcement and general applications.   CommEar earpieces channel radio communications directly into your ear - clearly and covertly. Made in the USA from an ultra-soft hypoallergenic material, their ergonomic design makes them comfortable for extended use. Because they fit snugly inside your ear shell, you can use them while wearing a helmet, mask, or hat, or while employing a telephone or headset. CommEar earpieces don't block the ear canal, allowing your ear to "breathe" and permitting virtually normal hearing of ambient sounds.  Sold in packages of two left ear or two right ear units or, a box of 25 left or right earpieces. Each individual earpiece is packaged in a convenient carry case.  ?
Discretely and covertly monitor radio communications
Open design does not block ear canal, permits hearing ambient sounds and conversation
Made from soft, hypo-allergenic, medical-grade polymer
Sound stem extends slightly farther into ear canal compared to other open earpieces, producing a boost effect by delivering sound more efficiently.
Enables clear hearing with lower radio volume setting reducing possibility of gradual hearing loss
Adjustable sound stem depth allows fine-tuning for comfort
Flange centres tube in ear canal for efficient sound transmission and improved earpiece retention