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Surefire Sonic Defender Plus EP4 clear/black


Surefire Sonic Defender Plus EP4 clear/black

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Same features as EP3, but with a wider flange and therefore more suitable for larger ear canals.
hypoallergenic polymer
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EP4 Sonic Defenders Plus provide significant protection against continuous noise (such as aircraft or tank engines) when the filter caps are plugged in/unplugged. With the filter caps open, they also protect against loud impulse noise, but allow non-hazardous sounds (such as commands) to pass through. The louder the impulse sound, the more it is attenuated with the filter caps open. Made of hypoallergenic polymer, the EP4 with patented EarLock® retention clip fits comfortably and securely all day.
EP4s have the same features as EP3s, but with a wider flange, making them more suitable for larger ear canals
Type tested to EN352-2:2002/CE160902-1 /CE 160903-1 (hearing threshold test with acoustic stopper used in filter.
Sound attenuation tested with caps plugged in according to EN 352-2:2002:
SRV = 27 dB H = 28 dB M = 24 dB L = 24 dB.
Sound attenuation tested with caps open according to EN 352-2:2002:
SRV = 19 dB H = 22 dB M = 16 dB L = 11 dB.
Intelligent noise attenuation.
Reliable protection against impulse noise.
Directional hearing is maintained
High wearing comfort
Integrated ear ventilation with pressure compensation
Skin-friendly and hypoallergenic polymer material
Reusable (6-8 months with daily use).
Easy to clean with lukewarm water - do not use soap
Right red/left transparent handle colour coding
Can be ideally combined with other protective equipment (helmet, goggles, respirator).
Delivery includes storage box and connecting strap.
Weight: approx. 2 g.
Made in USA.
Size key: height of  inner ear cup 23-27 mm: Medium; height of  inner ear cup from 27 mm: Large.