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Waldmann Precieux Pen P2000 Limited Edition

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Waldmann Precieux Pen P2000 Limited Edition
Disarmament and non-proliferation of firearms are also a high priority in German foreign and security policy, which also supports the state of Lower Saxony to a high degree. With this project, the state of Lower Saxony wants to set a symbol for peace and global disarmament: Every year, the Lower Saxony police singles out service pistols, which are either irreparably or economically un-repairable. Instead of selling these no longer needed, singled out service pistols on the open market, they are melted down. Out of conviction, the police do not want to help Lower Saxony to increase the number of weapons in private households.
In 2018, the idea was born to produce a symbolic one-off filler that sets a mark against the proliferation of firearms, supports disarmament and stands for peaceful, peaceful coexistence.
The limited to 1000 pieces filler is engraved with the serial number of a service pistol and is delivered in an original box of weapons with the original serial number. This makes every filler an absolutely unique piece. The design of the filler is inspired by the appearance of the service pistols and receives recognizable elements.
The open hearing in the market for this socio-critical topic as well as the responsible and conscious handling of it have made the realization possible in the first place. As a patron, the state of Lower Saxony is also a little proud to have found so much approval.
In addition, with every filler sold, a donation goes to a victim protection association, which campaigns for victims of crime and for the prevention of criminal offenses. The project is not only symbolic of a weaponless, non-violent society, but actively supports immediate victim assistance.
Limited to 1000 pieces.
Made from a segregated service pistol of the police of Lower Saxony with engraving of the original serial number.
Fine, wavy diamond cut.
Massive, foreign-sprung clip.
Stainless steel spring with iridium dot.
Cap with screw system.
Delivery including the original, associated weapon case of the singled service weapon with serial number, cuttlefish with black ink and booklet.
Spring strength / line width: M.
Weight: approx. 56 g.
Made in Germany.