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Weapons Law

Current valid weapons law in the FRG 

The new weapons law has been in force since 01 April 2003. To enforce the law, the Federal Ministry of the Interior has issued instructions that must be implemented by the responsible states and passed on to the authorities.

What is important for the association

1. Departing members (§ 15 Abs. 5)
Members leaving the club who are holders of a WBK must be reported to the responsible authority (depending on the federal state, police, regulatory authority, district office).
So: Ask members whether they have a WBK.

2. Insurance (§ 27 Abs. 1)
Clubs that operate a shooting range must provide proof of liability insurance up to € 1 million lump sum and accident insurance up to € 100,000 in case of disability and € 10,000 in case of death.
Insofar as the global insurance of the associations or the sports federations does not cover this risk, precautions must be taken here.

3. Shooting by children and youths (§ 27)
Shooting under the age of 12 is not permitted unless an exemption has been granted. This age limit does not apply to the crossbow!
From 12 to 14 years of age, shooting with compressed air, spring pressure and CO2 weapons is only permitted if a person suitable for children and youth work supervises the shooting.
According to the training guidelines of the German Shooting Association, a person who can prove at least three years of practical activity in children's and youth work or has acquired one of the licenses of the DSB is suitable. The prerequisites are to be made credible - when asked by the authority - i.e. a written proof is not yet necessary at first.
From 14 - 16 years this also applies to shooting with other weapons. In all cases, the written consent of the legal guardian   is required.    There are no restrictions from the age of 16.

4. Retention
There are currently no detailed regulations for the storage of weapons in the clubhouse. In individual cases, with the involvement of the criminal police advice centres, security is to be required, which is to be coordinated according to the type and number of weapons as well as the location of the clubhouse. Any requirements already made by the authorities are to be countered with reference to the lack of implementation regulations.

5. Obligation to provide proof (§ 15 Para. 1)
The club is obliged to keep a record of the member's shooting activities during the first three years after the acquisition of a weapon subject to WBK. This regulation applies only to new acquisitions and only for the first three years. The proof can be furnished by a general shooting book or a shooting register, which each sport shooter keeps for himself.

What is important for the sport shooter

1. Time limits to be observed (§ 58)
Since 1.4.2003, switchblades, drop knives, butterfly knives and fist knives are prohibited. They must be rendered unusable or given to an authorized person by 8/31/2003. Since 1.4.2003, anyone wishing to carry a firearm, irritant or signal weapon (i.e. to carry it outside his or her contented property) requires the so-called "small firearms licence". The small firearms licence is issued on application by the local firearms authority (Ordnungsamt) for a fee if the applicant is reliable and personally suitable.

2. Acquisition of weapons
a) Single-shot long firearms can still be acquired on an existing yellow WBK, as this continues to be valid.
b) The new Yellow WBK does not currently exist. Its issuance is dependent on recognition as a shooting sports association. The weapons mentioned in § 14 Para. 4 (with the exception of single-shot long guns) can currently only be acquired on the Green WBK.
c) Due to the lack of existing recognised shooting sport associations, the relevant provisions of § 14 do not apply. However, the acquisition should be made possible under the conditions of a 12-month membership and the certification of the association regarding the need. The legal basis for such a request can be § 8.
d) An exclusion of certain weapons (so-called utility weapons are being discussed) has not yet taken place. The DSB agrees with the sports ministers that such restrictions represent an encroachment on the autonomy of sport.
e) The acquisition of large-calibre weapons is only possible from the age of 21. The prerequisite is proof of aptitude by means of a certificate from an official or specialist doctor or psychologist.

3. Safekeeping (§ 36)
In detail much is still open, since the legal regulation is missing. For the time being, therefore, it is advisable to exercise restraint when purchasing weapons cabinets.
a) Long guns Up to 10 long guns can be stored in a cabinet of the classification VDMA "A". For more than 10 long weapons, several cabinets can be placed next to each other or the next higher classification "B" or the European standard "0" can be selected. 

Proof of age

All weapons in our range are freely available for sale and are not subject to registration. Certain marked weapons and ammunition may only be sold to persons over 18 years of age. By law, we must have official proof of age. Please send us a copy of your identity card, passport or driving licence when placing your first order and confirm this copy with your legally binding signature. The name of the person placing the order and the holder of the proof of age must be identical. Sending by fax: If you would like to send your proof of age by fax, please set your machine to photo, fine or at least particularly bright transmission. Please also note your address and telephone number!

Please note that a small firearms license and a firearms permit are required to carry alarm, irritant or signal weapons.

Furthermore, the carrying of soft-air (apparent) weapons outside of one's own home, business premises, one's own contented property or a shooting range is prohibited  and represents  an administrative offence which can be punished with a fine of up to 10,000 euros. The transport of soft-air weapons is only permitted in a secure, locked container.

It is also forbidden to carry cut and thrust weapons, one-handed knives and knives with a fixed blade longer than 12 cm outside the private sphere. The use of knives outside the private sphere is still permitted for professional purposes, customs and sports and in other socially appropriate contexts. 

Please always inform yourself about the current Weapons Act.