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Woolpower Thermal Duty Turtleneck Zippered

Woolpower Thermal Duty Turtleneck Zippered


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Woolpower Thermal Duty Turtleneck Zippered Olive 400 g
70% Wolle (Merino), 28% Polyamid, 2% Elastan.
Once you know that Ull [üll] is Swedish and means wool, then you won't be surprised that Ullfrotté is mainly made of wool. It is a two-layered garment with merino wool outer and synthetic fibre coarse terry cloth inner. This is how it works in practise: moisture is wicked away from the skin surface and absorbed by the outer woollen layer. From there, the moisture evaporates or travels to the next clothing layer. A mix of wool and synthetic fibre has the added advantage of greater longevity due to much more durable synthetic fibres. Wool, by itself, is not very wear and tear resistant. Material: 60% merino wool, 28% Polyamide, 2% Elastan.
Ullfrotté density is 400g/sqm.
Full zip turtleneck base layer.  Seamless body. Long back. Elastic Lycra knit cuffs.